Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Behind the mass media about the negative effects of e cigs, numerous studies have revealed that the electric cigarette/vapor also provides benefits when a person switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes e cigs. The use of these cigarettes can help smokers overcome addiction conventional cigarette.

Here are some of the benefits of e-cigarettes:

– From some smokers who try to quit, they are using an electric cigarette to feel more able to resist the urge them.

– To reduce the sense of wanting to smoke for former smokers and reduce the effects of addiction for smokers

– 75% of respondents survey conducted with more than 19,000 electric cigarette users say that they feel better after switching to an electric cigarette. For example, an increase in stamina, breathing, sense of taste, etc.

– The level of carcinogens found in cigarette electrically less than in tobacco cigarettes.

– Electronic Cigarette does not smell like tobacco cigarettes because e-cigarettes emit vapor instead of smoke and usually flavored fruit, milk or other fragrances.