The reasons of teenagers aren’t recommended to do the plastic surgery

There are a lot of teenagers that are not confident with their own appearance and looks. That’s why some of them have decided to choose the plastic surgery to improve their looks Michele A Shermak MD. However, doing the plastic surgery on the teenagers who haven’t fully grown could be problematic. The result will be unstable and could be dangerous for their health as well. Michele A Shermak MD wants to share some info with you about the reasons of why the teenagers aren’t recommended to do the plastic surgery.

1. Their skin is still growing, it could disturb the recovery process of the surgery scar due to the skin that’s still changing and produced a lot of hormones during the puberty.

2. Most of them love sports and other exercises. For example, a cheerleader girl won’t be able to attend the training session due to the recovery takes weeks or even months. If she has bored and forces herself to follow the training before she fully recovered, the result of the surgery will deteriorate.

3. The puberty is a time when a teenager is being emotionally unstable. If the surgery goes wrong, it could bring a lot of negative impacts to a teenager’s psychological condition.