How to prepare the shisha

1. Prepare a clean shisha equipment just like the bong or hookah, hose, and the tips glass hookah for sale. There are also so many metals and glass hookah for sale as well. After it’s being used, wash it immediately for the purpose of sterilization. You need to check the condition of the equipment as well.

2. Fill the water inside the bottle according to the measurement. Don’t fill to much water so it won’t be too heavy to inhale. Generally, you just need to fill ranged from 3 – 5 cm from the mid pipe and you can also give it some ice cubes so it will be fresh.

3. If the taste that’s being used is strawberry for the example, then you need the water with the same taste as well. In order to make the taste stronger.

4. The shisha measurement needs to be exact, or it will be heavy.

5. The holes in the aluminium need to be balanced.

6. The charcoal combustion needs to be done perfectly and you also need to use the standard charcoal for shisha, or it will break easily and the heat won’t be maximum.