Advantages You Can Get from Consuming Spicy Food

If you look out the list of the Chick Fil A Secret Menu, you can in the list that some of the orders in the secret menus are spicy. Before discussing it any further, first, we need to note that a secret menu is something that the restaurant itself does not put in its lift of regular menus, yet it can be ordered. So, the reason why there are several spicy orders in the list of the secret menu might be because a lot of people love spicy food.

It is actually a good thing that many people actually love to eat spicy food. Of course, this spicy food should be consumed wisely, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or cannot tolerate spicy food. Based on several studies, chili and spicy food have many benefits, including the following.

1. Lose weight
The chili contains a substance called capsaicin which will help burn calories faster by speeding up the metabolism. As the capsaicin increases, body temperature and heart rate play an increasing role. Furthermore, studies show people who like to eat spicy normally eat in small portions so that the weight is more awake.

2. Healthy heart
Chilis nourish the heart by preventing blood clots. The study also showed higher levels of bad cholesterol or LDL can prevent oxidation that can cause blockage of blood vessels. Capsaicin is also effective against inflammation, which has been identified as a risk factor for heart disease.

3. Anticancer
Many studies showed that regular consumption of spicy food will reduce the risk of cancer. The same substance which is capsaicin will slow the growth of cancer. Thus, in many cases, the cancer cells die without harming the surrounding healthy cells.

4. Improve the gastrointestinal function
One of the benefits of chili in the gastrointestinal tract is to improve blood circulation in the stomach and increasing the mucus layer. Capsaicin also helps to kill the bacteria H. pylori which cause stomach ulcers.