How to Make the Cage for Your Golden Retriever Comfortable

If you are looking for a cage for your Golden Retriever at the moment, you need to know that there are several aspects of the cage you need to consider before actually buying it. By knowing these several aspects, you can prevent yourself from wasting your money on a cage that your dog does not want to use due to being uncomfortable to stay inside it and making your Golden Retriever suffer from the inconvenience which is caused by the cage. One of the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing a cage for your Golden Retriever is to make the cage a safe and comfortable place for the dog.

First thing first, you need to remember that It is important for you to also love the dog cage, not only for your Golden Retriever. The cage should be able to be the place that provides a comfortable space for the dog to relax in comfortably so that the dog would like to spend more time inside it. To make the cage as comfortable as possible, there are several things you can do. They are as follows:

– Lay the cage in a room where you often spend time in, so your Golden Retriever does not feel neglected when staying inside the cage.
– Keep the cage at a comfortable temperature, beyond the reach of direct sunlight, and away from heaters such as fireplaces and radiators.
– Put a soft bed in the cage.
– Put some chew toys in the cage so that your dog can have some activities when in the cage.
– Cover the wire of the cage with a towel or else cover the cage entirely. This cover will increasingly provide an atmosphere which resembles a cave most of the dogs like so that your dog would probably love too.