This is the reason why you can not cancel booking hotel

You book a hotel room, and when you are forced to cancel it, you realize that the room you ordered are not refundable aka non-refundable! You’re trying to get your money back, calling his hotel, call the reservation agent where you bought it, and they can not help you. Why? Perhaps because theĀ  hotel PMS or hotel software used or it could be several reasons for it;

1. Hotels need to keep their income

Either you stay at his hotel or not, the hotel has a daily spending, starting from the front desk, room service, electricity, until the goods available in the rooms (eg fruits available in the rooms). Hotels need to sell some of their rooms under the rules of the non-refundable or non-refundable, to prevent them becoming too large expenditures and affect the state of their finances.

2. To prevent you cancel the reservation

Maybe you’re one of those who think “ah, is already paid off, pity not to use”. This can be achieved from the clause non-refundable. If your friend cancels their trip, you’ll probably still go, because you have to pay, and can not cancel the reservation.

3. In order to be able to offer hotel rooms can be canceled at a premium price

If you are a traveler who travel frequently, you may be more likely to experience any unforeseen circumstances, which require you to cancel your trip. So, you chose to have the flexibility to cancel your room when something unexpected occurs. These additional features can result in extra charges, sometimes up to 50% of the room price is non-refundable. Think of this as travel insurance, you do not always need it, but when you need it, you’ll love it if you have it.