How to Do Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

On the website, you find one of the effective diet programs you can use to help you going on your diet properly. It is the 3 week diet program which aims to help you lose a great amount of excessive fat in your body in just only 3 weeks. One of the secrets of its success is because it includes the dumbbell incline bench press in its workout plan. What is the dumbbell incline bench press? The answer will be in the following.

Actually, the movement of this exercise is the same as the incline barbell bench press. However, the load or the tool which is used in this exercise is the dumbbell. The same with several other exercises, the dumbbell incline bench press exercise also targets the pectoral minor muscle which will be a great help in shaping your chest muscles as a whole.

The pectoral major muscle or chest muscle basically consists of two separate muscles, the sterna which are worked up when doing flat and decline bench press, and clavicle that works when doing incline bench press. So, to stimulate the growth of breast muscles, especially the upper, more, then exercise the incline dumbbell press is a very good choice. This exercise will give you a bit of pressure in the upper chest. It requires the right angle to do this exercise and it is better not too high. It should be at least just about 20-30 degrees. If you are interested in trying to do this exercise, then you can follow the steps below.
– sit in a position in accordance with the incline bench press bench
– Both feet are put flat on the floor
– Backs are flat with the bench, no loopholes
– Position the arm to hold the dumbbell straight in front of the chest
– Lower the dumbbells up to shoulder level with elbows
– Inhale while lowering weight and exhale when lifting loads